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Goodbye Windows 7...

Hello Windows 10/11

Now that Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7, your PC will not be as secure on the internet and popular apps will also be ending support.  This does not mean you have to buy a new PC. In most cases you can upgrade your PC to Windows 10/11 and optionally upgrade your hard drive for much faster performance. 

Come in for our diagnostic service to see if your computer is a good candidate for an upgrade. Ask us about our limited time upgrade specials!


Common Q&A

Is my PC worth upgrading, or is it cheaper to replace it?

So this one just depends on the condition of the PC as well as the value. In most cases if the PC was mid to high end, it is well worth upgrading when you consider the cost of replacement. For example if the PC only cost $300 when you bought it, it is probably not worth upgrading years later. Whereas a $500 or more PC is usually worth upgrading.  

What is the best upgrade I can make to an aging PC?

If your PC is 3 years or older the best upgrade is replacing a mechanical hard drive with a solid state drive (SSD). It really is a huge difference in read and write speeds which translates to 5-10 times faster performance. There is no other single upgrade that will have this great of an impact. Of course there are other upgrades such as adding more RAM that will also help speed things up.

I have an older All In One PC, can I still upgrade it?

In most cases, absolutely we can.

How can I get started to see if my aging PC is a good candidate for some upgrades?

So before we can make any recommendations for your aging PC we need to run a full diagnostic on it to give you the best possible advise for upgrades as well as to confirm full compatibility. You can drop off your PC anytime and we will call you typically within 1 business day. Our diagnostic fee is $49 which will be credited toward any upgrade service you choose. 

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