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Hardware Repairs

Whether your laptop simply does not turn on, or the screen is dim, your laptop won't charge, your laptop overheats or makes a weird noise. We can diagnose your laptop and tell you exactly what needs to be done. There is no guess work with our equipment and expertise.

When it comes to desktop hardware repair, Phase 4 Computer Repair Center does it all. Hard drives, CD/DVD drives, memory, cables, network adapters, power supply's, motherboards, sound cards, CPU's and anything else. We can repair and replace any part in your desktop. All of our repair services include a thorough cleaning of your desktop including dust removal which helps your PC run at optimal temperatures.

Our facility is equipped with the latest in diagnostic technology and our technicians have years of experience. We can fix any laptop hardware issue. If we can't fix the original part, it can always be replaced. Located in Chula Vista, Phase 4 Computer Repair Center is your solution to all your laptop hardware repair needs. Turnaround time for most jobs is 1-5 days, and all work is performed on-site.

Many computer repair shops will simply replace your hardware as opposed to try and diagnose and repair them. This can be much more expensive for you! We will try and diagnose and repair the part (if applicable) before resorting to replacement. If for any reason we cannot repair the part, the labor fee will transfer over to the replacement, so you only pay for labor once either way. Phase 4 Computer Repair Center located in Chula Vista, proudly serving San Diego county. Call us today at 619.656.7395!

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