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How Can We Help You?


We offer full service for Mac and PC Laptops, Desktops and All in One's. Some of our services include:
- LCD Replacement
- LCD Hinge Replacement
- Overheating
- Internal Diagnostics
- No Power / Not Charging
- Liquid Spill Cleanup
- Hard Drive / RAM Upgrades
- Keyboard Replacement
- Motherboard Replacement
- DC Jack Fix / Replacement
- SSD Upgrades


As part of our Advanced Diagnostic Service, Phase 4 will test all critical hardware components in your PC or Mac. It is important that these intricate systems are functioning correctly to assure your device is running properly. Once we have all the results we need, we move forward to our software diagnostics to achieve the best possible results and better help to pin point any issues that need attention. This is a process that cannot be rushed if done properly, so be weary of "same day" repairs as they most likely do not cover all bases. We work as quickly as possible, but never compromise the quality of the repair by rushing or skipping crucial steps.


Phase 4 Computer Repair Center has always had a nack for getting to the bottom of issues relating to your operating system. Whether it's a nasty virus, junk apps, running slow, random errors, drivers not working or missing, etc. We are here to get them fixed. With our expertise and tools, we can have you back in control in no time. We can always backup any personal data and reload the operating system as well if need be.


Phase 4 Computer Repair Center can help you build your dream PC. Whether it's for gaming, video editing or just a basic workstation... we got you. Come in and we can get started making your vision a reality. We can also help you to customize a NAS box for your data backup needs.

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